Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mail Away Ravage and Wasted Opputunity

Ok, so now Has/Ken expects us to buy a two pack of toys we dont want, and buy two more toys, to send in stamps for a poorly colored Ravage?

Am I not getting it here? Is something wrong with the picture here. First off, who wants ANOTHER Bumblebee and SOundwave? Now if it was G1 Soundwave in a two pack with Alternators Smokescreen everybody would want it. But no, we get more Michael Bayformers.

I like the stamp idea, it make me remember Robot Points something hard. But wehy do I have to buy more Michael Bayformers to get the stamps? Why cant I just buy Animated, or Universe or Marvel/Star Wars bullcrap? Why couldnt a booklet inside each packaging of Transformers toys have the booklet inside each one of them for me to mail in my robot points that way.

This doesnt make sense.

So I have to buy a overly priced two pack and then two more Michael Bayformers to get the other stamps to send in. Not fair. So I tried to get the stamps as I love all things Transformers and know that me by supporting Transformers, Hasbro will make more and maybe offer a better mail away thing next time.

But why Ravage Hasrbo? Nobody wants a Ravage toy, or even a raVage thats made to look like a stupid bloody knife. The mail way toy should have been something everybody wants like music Label Soundwave or BotCon Dirge.

This is so stupid it makes my head hurt sometimes. I wish I could killlfile myself at times like these lolo

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