Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seasray WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry, but these are some things that i just have to say. i may piss off some people, but thats just how it is when it comes to the TRUTH!

Seriosuly Hablo, you are going to put out a Michael Bayformers Seaspray and not the Universe Seaspray that you should have put out instead of the Michael Bayformers Seaspray that you are going to release soon?

I dont know what you are thinking,. but it is not the right thing to reelase at this time in Teansfor mors. You should release what the fans want HASBLO and release a Universe Seaspray with diving fins, and a diving mask, and other fun things that would really make the toy fun.

Idealisty the toy would be an Utra, but I would accept a Voyager.

Also, Rob Cypher, why do you seek to destroy att on the internets? Isnt as many people who have killedfile you any indication that you are nothing more than a troll? A bad troll at taht. Please just get off the computer Rob Cypher and get a real life like i do have.

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