Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mail Away Ravage and Wasted Opputunity

Ok, so now Has/Ken expects us to buy a two pack of toys we dont want, and buy two more toys, to send in stamps for a poorly colored Ravage?

Am I not getting it here? Is something wrong with the picture here. First off, who wants ANOTHER Bumblebee and SOundwave? Now if it was G1 Soundwave in a two pack with Alternators Smokescreen everybody would want it. But no, we get more Michael Bayformers.

I like the stamp idea, it make me remember Robot Points something hard. But wehy do I have to buy more Michael Bayformers to get the stamps? Why cant I just buy Animated, or Universe or Marvel/Star Wars bullcrap? Why couldnt a booklet inside each packaging of Transformers toys have the booklet inside each one of them for me to mail in my robot points that way.

This doesnt make sense.

So I have to buy a overly priced two pack and then two more Michael Bayformers to get the other stamps to send in. Not fair. So I tried to get the stamps as I love all things Transformers and know that me by supporting Transformers, Hasbro will make more and maybe offer a better mail away thing next time.

But why Ravage Hasrbo? Nobody wants a Ravage toy, or even a raVage thats made to look like a stupid bloody knife. The mail way toy should have been something everybody wants like music Label Soundwave or BotCon Dirge.

This is so stupid it makes my head hurt sometimes. I wish I could killlfile myself at times like these lolo

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seasray WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry, but these are some things that i just have to say. i may piss off some people, but thats just how it is when it comes to the TRUTH!

Seriosuly Hablo, you are going to put out a Michael Bayformers Seaspray and not the Universe Seaspray that you should have put out instead of the Michael Bayformers Seaspray that you are going to release soon?

I dont know what you are thinking,. but it is not the right thing to reelase at this time in Teansfor mors. You should release what the fans want HASBLO and release a Universe Seaspray with diving fins, and a diving mask, and other fun things that would really make the toy fun.

Idealisty the toy would be an Utra, but I would accept a Voyager.

Also, Rob Cypher, why do you seek to destroy att on the internets? Isnt as many people who have killedfile you any indication that you are nothing more than a troll? A bad troll at taht. Please just get off the computer Rob Cypher and get a real life like i do have.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What this blog needs is some action

Today I was admiring my G1 Vicotry Leo and thinking to myself that Hasblo got it wrong again. Hasblo keeps redoing Galaxy Force/Cyberton Leobreaker as Lio Convoy from BEast Wars. If Habro would kindly take the time tocare about whats important other than money, they would have made the Victory Leo tribute transfans have been wanting since G1.

But no, hall we have is the Takar RM version and it;'s bootelegs for $3 at the Family Dollar store. Which is a decent toy, but it could be better. COME ON HASBLo you have made a Star Saber and NOT ONE BUT TWEOO Deathasaruses. It is dfar time that Victory lEo got his chance to shine.

Sometimes it's obvious that I'm the only smarty one.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Hasbro needs to do with Power Core Combiners

So the word is out that Power Core Combiners are going to be the next big TF toyline. Judging from pictures, it looks like it will be a return to Armada type toys.

This is something that i dont know if I think is a good thing or not. For one, the Targetmaster/Mini-Cons toy would be grat and many a transfan would want that ubnder there tree this christmas. HOWEVER let's face it, Armada didnt sell as many toys as the 2007 movie did. I dont think hasbro knows what they are getting themselv into on this. Tanformers Amanda was pretty popular amound transfans and younger children because of its pokemonformers Mini0-Cons.

So if you ask me, Power Core Combimers needs to be more like Armada and not like the Michael Bayformers if they want to sell more than Michael Bayformers and more like TRANSFORMERS.

But how do they do this Deathy, you may ask. Easy I tell you, they should make Power Core Cobiners more like Beast Wars the 2 and ass on the Mini-con as a much needed accersoie. I think the more artu=iculation, the better , and more G1.

If they don't, all hope is lost. Not now says Michael Bayformer, I cant deal with that now.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The things that are wrong with Transformers in 2010

Now that it is 2010 and Transformers are in their 26 year of being out, I think it's time that I tell you the problems with Transformers that the brand will have to overcome in 2010.

The packaging is not very good. There is a lot of wires and rubber bands on my transformer when I buy them. Back the the old days, they packaged transformers in styrofoam and never needed to put wires or rubber bands on the transformer. The styrofoam made the whole thing a lot better and sanitary. WIth a wire, I could cut myself and catch a disease. Styrofoam is much better clean product that holds the transformer in place and also keeps the plastic clean of fatal diseases like aids, sarrs, and gangreen. Not to mention, I could open a toy in styofoam better and save the packaginf to store him in my clostest. When you have as many Transformers as I do, you need to store them in the best way.

Also, Michael Bay is not good for Transformer. He makes Bionicle bug alian robots that are bad for the brand. Transformers are best when they are not like michael Bayformers and more like Transformers. I think Michael Bay payed off all those magazines to say his movies made the most m,opney because no truetransfan would pay to see that movie or its sequel part two.

I think Deamwave should get back together and make real good transformer comics again. Pat Lee was the best Transformer artisit ever and nobody has been able to draw like hyim since./ Can you imagine how good the movie comics would have been if Dreamweaver did them?

These are just a few of the things that Transformers needs to improve on if they want to survive in todays market. Come on HASBLOW the honeymoon is over and time to get to work on what is important if you want Transformers to make it to year number 27th anniversary.

Transformers 2010

It is now the year 2010 and all true tyransfans know what an important year 2010 is for transformers. For startes the thrid season of the Transformers G1 cartoon series was know as Transformers 2010 in japan. This itself is mighty important as many important things happend in 2010 like the hate plague and Optimus Prime returning to life in not but one but two episdes.

I know back in teh 1990s all the fans on att and on chatrooms would not stop talking about the thrid season of transformers and how much they liked it. Me, myself was always arguing how big a deal it was.

Later when we had Beast Wars to watch we all had compared it to 2010 as it was the4 ultimate jumping point. A lot of fans prefer the first two seasons, but I dont. My favorite is all transformers as i am a true fan and love everything about transformers.

The only thing i hate is when they get it wrong like how the new ROTF Bludgeon is not a pretender or colored correctly. leave it to hasblow to ruin something so obvious.