Monday, January 11, 2010

What this blog needs is some action

Today I was admiring my G1 Vicotry Leo and thinking to myself that Hasblo got it wrong again. Hasblo keeps redoing Galaxy Force/Cyberton Leobreaker as Lio Convoy from BEast Wars. If Habro would kindly take the time tocare about whats important other than money, they would have made the Victory Leo tribute transfans have been wanting since G1.

But no, hall we have is the Takar RM version and it;'s bootelegs for $3 at the Family Dollar store. Which is a decent toy, but it could be better. COME ON HASBLo you have made a Star Saber and NOT ONE BUT TWEOO Deathasaruses. It is dfar time that Victory lEo got his chance to shine.

Sometimes it's obvious that I'm the only smarty one.


  1. If Hasbro didn't think about money and only focused on making homages, we probably wouldn't have Transformers anymore. They need to cater to both collectors and children, and with a sub-par mold like Leobreaker, they really need to give it a little extra pull for the kids. By making it another Prime, it's something the kids can recognise, "Hey look! It's Optimus Prime as a LION! Mom I want one!"

    Also, might I suggest a spellcheck plugin?

  2. You need to learn about Transformers as much a me.