Monday, January 4, 2010

Transformers 2010

It is now the year 2010 and all true tyransfans know what an important year 2010 is for transformers. For startes the thrid season of the Transformers G1 cartoon series was know as Transformers 2010 in japan. This itself is mighty important as many important things happend in 2010 like the hate plague and Optimus Prime returning to life in not but one but two episdes.

I know back in teh 1990s all the fans on att and on chatrooms would not stop talking about the thrid season of transformers and how much they liked it. Me, myself was always arguing how big a deal it was.

Later when we had Beast Wars to watch we all had compared it to 2010 as it was the4 ultimate jumping point. A lot of fans prefer the first two seasons, but I dont. My favorite is all transformers as i am a true fan and love everything about transformers.

The only thing i hate is when they get it wrong like how the new ROTF Bludgeon is not a pretender or colored correctly. leave it to hasblow to ruin something so obvious.

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