Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Hasbro needs to do with Power Core Combiners

So the word is out that Power Core Combiners are going to be the next big TF toyline. Judging from pictures, it looks like it will be a return to Armada type toys.

This is something that i dont know if I think is a good thing or not. For one, the Targetmaster/Mini-Cons toy would be grat and many a transfan would want that ubnder there tree this christmas. HOWEVER let's face it, Armada didnt sell as many toys as the 2007 movie did. I dont think hasbro knows what they are getting themselv into on this. Tanformers Amanda was pretty popular amound transfans and younger children because of its pokemonformers Mini0-Cons.

So if you ask me, Power Core Combimers needs to be more like Armada and not like the Michael Bayformers if they want to sell more than Michael Bayformers and more like TRANSFORMERS.

But how do they do this Deathy, you may ask. Easy I tell you, they should make Power Core Cobiners more like Beast Wars the 2 and ass on the Mini-con as a much needed accersoie. I think the more artu=iculation, the better , and more G1.

If they don't, all hope is lost. Not now says Michael Bayformer, I cant deal with that now.

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